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Art Robinson: I think the public schools should be abolished

Art Robinson, in his own words:

I wanted to make one comment on that. Of course he is absolutely right, I thought you might enjoy this. Several years ago I had the opportunity to speak to the Republican legislators of Maine about the subject of global warming. It was- I was very nervous- it was a dinner party and I was very nervous about this because I was going to tell them stuff that wasn't in the newspapers and are they going to throw me out on my ear you know, and I'm walking on eggs, and I'm giving the talk and people seem not, you know they're not leaving and they didn't seem angry and then we came to the question and answer period. And they were asking polite questions and that was going alright.

And some guy, I don't know why, he says, 'What do you think about the public schools?'.

And then I was dead. And my credibility was going to be gone and I looked at him and I said 'I think the public schools should be abolished.' And they loved it.

If you had listened to it-if you had been there to see it you would have thought that all the Republican legislators in Maine were ready to abolish the public schools. I'm not sure a single one would have voted for it, but they wanted it.

And I hope this, uh, changes.

Source: Art Robinson’s Speech to International Conference on Climate Change, March 2009. See the clip on YouTube: "Art Robinson: I think the public schools should be abolished"

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