Who is Art Robinson?

Oregonian: GOP congressional candidate Art Robinson goes nuclear over his children at Oregon State

The Oregonian reports that Art Robinson "claims that OSU's nuclear engineering department is moving toward tossing his three children out of the graduate program because of "political payback" following his race against DeFazio."

"OSU is a liberal socialist Democrat stronghold in Oregon that received a reported $27 million in earmark funding from my opponent, Peter DeFazio, and his Democrat colleagues during the last legislative session," Robinson wrote in a post on World Net Daily.

Oregon State University said it could not comment on the three students because of federal privacy rules, but it calls the allegations "baseless and without merit."

DeFazio, whose district doesn't actually include the OSU campus, said in a statement that he is proud to "help deliver tens of millions of dollars" to Oregon higher education institutions "for their academic priorities.

"Whatever academic issues Mr. Robinson's childrens are having with OSU, they have nothing to do with Congressman DeFazio's advocacy for these institutions," the statement adds.

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Peter DeFazio

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