Who is Art Robinson?

Art Robinson: Oregon State University is a "liberal socialist Democrat stronghold"

Oregon State University is a world-class school, a shining star in the 4th Congressional District and a place where many students come to receive a top-notch education.

Art Robinson's not a fan.

Robinson sees the school more through a lens of wild conspiracy theories and partisan politics - although he ultimately admits he has no proof to back up his ridiculous claims.

Take a look:

“In this case that university [OSU] is totally controlled by the democrat machine in our district. It got $27 million in earmark funding last session from the democrats, so you have pretty formidable political forces that can affect you in many, many different ways.” (The Eagle Forum, 6/18/11)

“OSU is a liberal socialist Democrat stronghold in Oregon that received a reported $27 million in earmark funding from my opponent, Peter DeFazio, and his Democrat colleagues during the last legislative session.” (Robinson blast email, 3/7/11)

“I don’t have definitive proof," Robinson said. "That is what I believe. Basically, I know what happened. I cannot tell you the motives of the people doing it.” (KVAL News, 3-8-11)

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Peter DeFazio

Here's the good news.

Oregonians are standing up for Peter DeFazio - a common sense leader who fights for the middle class and isn't afraid to stand up to party leadership and Wall Street.

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