Who is Art Robinson?

Art Robinson on: 2012 Ad Fact Check

Aug 17, 2012Art Robinson: Oregon State University is a "liberal socialist Democrat stronghold"
Dec 23, 2011Art Robinson: Social Security & Medicare are a Ponzi scheme
Dec 22, 2011Art Robinson: I Believe That The Department of Education Should Be Closed
Mar 8, 2011Art Robinson: Oregon State is "liberal [and] socialist"
Oct 14, 2010Art Robinson: Privatize Social Security and Tough Luck if Wall Street Gambles Your Retirement Away
Sep 22, 2010Art Robinson: I think the public schools should be abolished
Sep 9, 2010Art Robinson: Social Security and other programs should be ended by attrition
Sep 9, 2010Art Robinson: Sprinkle nuclear waste over America
Sep 9, 2010Art Robinson: Dissolve radioactive waste and sprinkle it over the ocean

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Peter DeFazio

Here's the good news.

Oregonians are standing up for Peter DeFazio - a common sense leader who fights for the middle class and isn't afraid to stand up to party leadership and Wall Street.

Will you stand up, join Peter, and fight back?