Who is Art Robinson?

Art Robinson on: Robinson's Craziest Quotes

Feb 14, 2012Art Robinson Thinks U.S. Senators Should Be Appointed By State Legislature, Not Your Vote
Feb 14, 2012Fighting Climate Change Theory Instead of Joining Military
Aug 15, 2011Business Destroyed By Saftey Lawsuits
Aug 15, 2011Fact Checkers Rate This False: Robinson Claims UN Wants To Take Away Your Guns
Aug 15, 2011Fact Checkers Rate This False: Peace Corps Volunteers Are Obama's "Internal Security Force"

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Peter DeFazio

Here's the good news.

Oregonians are standing up for Peter DeFazio - a common sense leader who fights for the middle class and isn't afraid to stand up to party leadership and Wall Street.

Will you stand up, join Peter, and fight back?