Who is Art Robinson?

Art Robinson on: Jobs, Budget, and Taxes

Oct 22, 2012Art Robinson: Cut Budget of BLM and Forest Service by 75%
Oct 22, 2012Art Robinson: Treasury Ponzi Scheme
Oct 22, 2012Art Robinson: Balancing The Federal Budget
Feb 29, 2012Art Robinson: Communist China has more economic freedom than the U.S.
Feb 14, 2012Outsource Printing Money To China
Feb 14, 2012Private Sector Jobs
Jan 31, 2012Art Robinson: Tax the rich is just a political ploy
Aug 31, 2011Art Robinson's plan for out of work veterans: "stay in the military"
Aug 31, 2011Art Robinson: wants to add "19 million" Americans to unemployment rolls
Aug 18, 2011Art Robinson: The Ryan Budget Cuts Not Enough
Sep 9, 2010Art Robinson: Renew Bush tax cuts and expand them
Sep 9, 2010Art Robinson: Revoke all taxes for energy industry
Sep 7, 2010Art Robinson: Remove all regulations and oversight for energy companies, no taxes for energy companies and their employees

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Peter DeFazio

Here's the good news.

Oregonians are standing up for Peter DeFazio - a common sense leader who fights for the middle class and isn't afraid to stand up to party leadership and Wall Street.

Will you stand up, join Peter, and fight back?